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Episodes after April 2011 are not yet available.  Ask NWBSC if interested in updated episodes.

2007 NW Cycling Episodes 1-5 are pre-Dark Wing Productions involvement and are not available online

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"Cycology Today"
Brought to you by Bruce Buffington and
Northwest Bicycle Safety Council

Cycology Today is a bicycle safety and informational program taped live on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the TVCTV studios in
Beaverton Oregon.  From upcoming rides and cycling rules, you can find out more about cycling in and around Portland by watching this
program.  Plus find out about events, gear and helmet fitting.  

Those wishing to watch the program as it airs, here is the broadcast info:
Available in the Portland Metro area from
7 pm to 8 pm, pacific time on Comcast ch 11.  Frontier Fios/cable on ch. 22.  You can also
check the local listings at

Visit for more information about this show and what the council does.  
Cycology Today
Bicycle Safety and Event Show brought to you by the Northwest Bicycle Safety Council
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production assistance