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Brown Club of Oregon
2008 Oregon Measures Debate October 13, 2008

Interested in finding out the measures that you care about?

Dark Wing Productions is an official sponsor and video production
company for the Brown Club of Oregon's 2008 Oregon Measures Debate.

Thanks to the generous support of the Brown Club, we were able to provide
Television coverage for the event.

Here is how the measures will be communicated to Oregonians.

Cable Access Broadcasts:
Tualatin Valley Community Television (TVCTV) - Also a sponsor
Portland Community Media (PCM)
MetroEast Community Media (MECM)
Willamette Falls Television (WFTV)
 Capitol Community Television (CCTV)
Rogue Valley Television (RVTV)
Western Independence Monmouth PEG (WIMPEG)
Community Television of Lane County (CTV)
Coos Bay / North Bend Channel 98 (CBNB)

Other Broadcast stations
As become available or requests made, will provide for television or radio
play within licensing agreement.

Virtual Services
Dark Wing Productions, including this site you are on right now, is
providing the list of ballot measures and have uploaded the debate
as is being broadcast on television, on the Internet through it's Dark Wing
Virtual Services department, on

To provide instructions for someone to find the program online, have them
come here and click on the watch debate link above.

Get a copy of the debate in a 3 DVD set.

If you want a copy sent to a station not listed please send us a request
Contact Us and we will be happy to send out a copy for free.  If you
obtain or are given a copy, please remember to have Brown Club and Dark
Wing Production Links added to your site as credit for the production.

Are you interested in hiring Dark Wing Productions?
Not only do we provide the normal services such as video taping and picture
taking, but we also provide talent and production training, consulting, web
design, marketing support and testing, TV experience and more.  

Whether you, a friend or a relative wants to be on TV or need a promo or PSA,
DWP may be able help.  Just about anything entertainment or marketing
related can be supported or we can refer you.  Use the
contact us button to
send us your request.  Thank you.

"It is the responsibility of every American to volunteer, for it is by this way,
that our country was created."
-  DWI President, Dennis Gleason 2001
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